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Duncanrig Secondary School Visit

Duncanrig Luwero Visit 2018 In October this year, 18 pupils and 4 teachers from Duncanrig Secondary School visited The Luwero Community Project. For the previous 10 months pupils, parents, supporters and staff worked hard to raise funds to support the Project. In total the group donated over £20,000 to the project and established the “Duncanrig

Duncanrig Secondary School

The party of pupils and staff from Duncanrig Secondary School in East Kilbride have returned home safe and well after their 2 weeks in Luwero.  Mr Scott Atkins, the party leader, wishes to express the thanks of the group members for the welcome, hospitality and friendship they received during their stay.  The memories of their

Duncanrig Secondary School Visit

A group of 18 pupils and 4 members of staff arrived at the Project on 10th October for 2 weeks as part of the partnership between Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride and Luwero Community Projects.  The party will be assisting in as many ways as they can and have plans to help in the schools,

Katie and Mama Katie’s Adventure

Having visited the project in 2014 as part of a party with Duncanrig Secondary, East Kilbride, I was left with an everlasting impression in my heart, and I knew one day I would return. After hearing all the stories and seeing all the project pictures, my mum also had a yearning to experience the Ugandan

Duncanrig Secondary trip 2017

On 11th October 2017 a group of pupils and teachers from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, set off for an experience that most could only dream of.

Lesley Wynne’s trip to Luwero 2012

Read Lesley Wynne’s full report of her trip to Luwero.

Volunteer visit July 2012

12 volunteers from Scotland spent time in Luwero during the month of July.  We all had a fantastic time joining in with a range of tasks such as teaching, painting and working with the children.