Luwero Newsletter – November 2021

Luwero Newsletter – November 2021


President Museveni has sanctioned the easing of some coronavirus restrictions recently, due to the  decline in infection rates.  A second wave of infections which began in May has eased, but not all businesses have reopened.  Only about 4.5% of the population have received two Covid-19 vaccinations.  Sadly, there is a reluctance amongst some Ugandans to accept the vaccine due to misinformation and rumours widely circulated on social media.

Bomb Blasts in Uganda

Earlier this week (Tuesday) two bomb blasts occurred in Kampala, killing 6 people and injuring 36. The bombs were detonated by suicide killers, one near the police headquarters and the second near the Ugandan parliament buildings. Responsibility has been claimed by an Islamic State group. Gabriel has messaged,

“We don’t know the intentions of these people but the Lord will see us through”.

Two explosions also rocked Kampala earlier this month, killing at least three civilians in what police described as a co-ordinated attack by extremists. Three suicide bombers also died in the blasts. The explosions caused chaos in Kampala as terrified residents fled the city centre. The explosions occurred within three minutes of each other and both were carried out by attackers carrying explosives.  A possible attack at a third scene was foiled by police who pursued and disarmed a suspected suicide bomber.  One explosion was near a police station and the other on a street near the parliamentary building: the subsequent fire engulfed cars parked outside. At least 33 people are being treated at the city’s main public hospital and five are critically injured.

Church News

It is now possible for up to 200 people to gather together for worship at Church services.  Luwero Church holds 3 services every Sunday.  The gospel is still being preached every day via loudspeakers.  Bible studies are held every Wednesday and prayer meetings every Friday.  Many are giving their lives to Christ and fifteen new converts will be baptised in mid-November.

School News

The Primary and Secondary schools continue to be closed.  In his last presidential communication the President said schools will reopen in January, when all schools workers have been vaccinated. The majority of the population are not yet vaccinated, so we pray and hope that by January schools will resume.

Some of the children in our schools lost their parents due to Covid and other issues.  Sponsored children are all with their relatives or guardians, and Gabriel has kept in touch and has been supporting all of them. When schools reopen, updated lists of the sponsored and non-sponsored children will be reviewed because Covid has caused many to move and scatter.

Gabriel tells us that, “We decided in faith to start doing some renovations of the school buildings” in anticipation of the children returning.  Renovations have been ongoing, eg repainting, repairing broken walls, blackboards, verandas, desks and chairs, etc.

The Ugandan Economy

The economy has not yet stabilised in many areas of life.  Most people in the local area are struggling financially to make ends meet.  Deborah and Gabriel have helped in a variety of ways, but sometimes the needs are too great and too many.

Construction Work

Construction work at the boys and girls dormitories had stopped temporarily because of the scarcity of workers in building industry.  Prices and wages had gone up.  Gabriel asks that we pray for wisdom in the ‘new normal’.

Gabriel’s visit to eastern Uganda

At the beginning of November, Gabriel was invited by local pastors to travel to eastern Uganda to speak at a three-day seminar dealing with church planting and growth.  Whilst there, he looked into the possibility of planting another church.  More news will follow.

Farm and Land

Plentiful rain, which is good for most of the crops, has meant that beans were destroyed.  However, bananas and maize are doing well and hopefully a good harvest will be reaped in February. The animals are in good condition and have lots of good grass to keep them going.  Gabriel has identified 200 acres of prime farming land for sale, and has been in contact with the owners to explore options.  Our Trust has set aside some funds for land acquisition, as and when it becomes available, to develop a farm in its own right to both support the project and provide a source of income.

2022 Luwero Calendars

Luwero Calendar2022 Luwero calendars are now available. The good news is that we have been able to reduce the prices from those reported in our last Newsletter, to keep them the same as last year.  The prices for wall calendars is now £9.00 and desk calendars are £5.00, plus a donation for postage and packing where appropriate.  Calendars can be ordered via this website, by email at [email protected] or post from our office address.

Greetings from the team

Gabriel, Deborah and the team at Luwero send their heartfelt love, thanks and appreciation to you all for all you have done for us in Luwero.

Thank you very much friends, brothers, sisters and partners in the work of reaching out to the lost, emptying hell and filling Heaven in Jesus’s Name. May the good Lord bless and keep you and love you and your families. In Christ Alone we put our Trust.

God bless you all.

Gabriel, Deborah and the Luwero Team

We give God all the Glory for we are still alive. We pray and hope you and your family and friends are also well. We are all fine in Uganda.

Prayer Points

We ask that you continue praying for:Prayer

  • the Kijjambu family,
  • the pupils, teachers and their families,
  • church leaders,
  • the crops and livestock at the farm,
  • the people of Uganda as they try to cope with the effects of terrorism and the attempted destabilisation of their country.
  • all of Africa, as people continue to cope with the effects of COVID-19 and the negative impact it is having on their lives.



Luwero Newsletter – July 2021

Luwero Newsletter – July 2021

Welcome to the July edition of our Luwero Newsletter.  The prevailing conditions in Uganda, allied to the low range and unreliability of telecommunications networks, continue to make it difficult to maintain contact.  However, Ernie and Gabriel continue to furnish us with the latest news.


The Kijjambus

Gabriel, Deborah and the family are all well.



Independent statistics show 88,194 cases reported and 2,164 deaths relating to coronavirus in Uganda. These numbers reveal a sharp spike is cases during June and July. Graphs of total cases, daily cases, active cases and deaths all showed a steep increase, although rates of increase appear to have lessened in the past week.  Severe lockdown restrictions were re-imposed in June.  A 7.00 pm to 5.30 am curfew exists. Public gatherings have been banned, churches and schools have been closed.  Public transport has been severely restricted and people cannot travel outside their local area without express police permission.

This message from Gabriel sums everything up very succinctly.

We had four deaths last week in our village. One was a young man of 35 who left 5 children.  The others were 45 and above.  We are all physically fine but emotionally drained.  Schools, universities, churches and other places of worship are all closed.  All church members hold their prayers in their homes.  Public transport and travel outside our districts are restricted.  We spend most of our time in the garden.  We have fitted loudspeakers up on the church, so the Gospel is preached every day.  I was selected by the district authorities to be part of the Covid 19 Task Force Committee.  Through this, I do a lot of awareness and sensitisation programs in our areas and communities.

Gabriel asks that we pray for all of Africa.


Community News

LCP continues to forward funds bi-monthly to Gabriel and has given him the liberty to use the funds to alleviate poverty and suffering for our sponsored children and others within the church and community around Luwero. Often he does so by purchasing maize and providing food for the most people most in need.


Church News

The church leaders are keeping in contact with church members, by mobile phone.  Members are encouraged to hold services privately in their own homes.  Gabriel has placed a number of loudspeakers in Acacia trees around the project.  Christian music and Bible messages by himself and other local pastors are broadcast daily.  The church doors may have been closed but the church is not silent.  For obvious reasons, the Pastor and Church Leader’s Conference in May was cancelled.  The annual Youth Camp, normally held in September, has also been cancelled.


Construction Work

Construction is still allowed, but Gabriel can’t access banks in Kampala to allow him to buy raw materials.  Despite this, work is progressing on both the boys and girls dormitory blocks.  The 2nd floor slab for the boys dormitory has been cast and is ready for concreting next week.


“Knowing and Doing”

LCP has been instrumental in translating John McQuoid’s book ‘Knowing and Doing’, a book about Christian belief and practice, into Luganda over the past two years.  The book has already been translated into over 45 languages and over 750,000 copies distributed worldwide.  The Luganda version has now been printed and published by the OPAL Trust.  2,000 copies are currently en route to Luwero.



PrayerPrayer Points

We ask that you continue praying for:

  • the Kijjambu family,
  • the pupils, teachers and their families,
  • church leaders,
  • the crops and livestock at the farm,
  • all of Africa, as people continue to cope with the effects of COVID-19 and the negative impact it is having on their lives.


Covid Update

Covid Update

We have just received the following sad message from Gabriel concerning the ongoing impact of COVID-19 within Uganda.

“The virus has claimed a lot of lives: younger men and women, my pastors and friends. Thank you all for your prayers, please continue to pray for us at this time.” 

School Term News

Despite reports that schools were on the verge of reopening for the new term, news has come in that it is unlikely that they will re-open this year.

Please pray that the pupils’ absence from school will not be permanently detrimental to their education. Please pray especially that all of them return to school when it re-opens.  Lack of family income and contact with the school could lead to a drastic fall in families sending their children to school and our prayers should be directed towards preventing this.