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Duncanrig Secondary School Visit

Duncanrig Luwero Visit 2018 In October this year, 18 pupils and 4 teachers from Duncanrig Secondary School visited The Luwero Community Project. For the previous 10 months pupils, parents, supporters and staff worked hard to raise funds to support the Project. In total the group donated over £20,000 to the project and established the “Duncanrig

Message from Gabriel

Hello Brothers and Sisters Here in Luwero we are all good. The Church is doing great and we have lots of activities planned for this Christmas time.  On the 21st we have the overnight prayer meeting, followed by evangelistic outreach on the 22nd to 24th. On the 23rd we will have a Christmas Carols service

Mother and Baby Dedication Service

Gabriel recently led a service dedicated to mothers and babies in the church where the mothers and babies were celebrated as a focal point in the service. What made the dedication extra special was that the mothers all received a gift.  They were all presented with a baby buggy!  The buggies were part of the

Hacking of Gabriel’s email account

I am sorry to tell you that someone has accessed Gabriel’s email account and I am aware of a number of emails circulating which have purportedly been sent by Gabriel. The writer paints a number of scenarios about Gabriel, Deborah, Priscilla or the Project. In each scenario the bottom line is that money is being

Duncanrig Secondary School

The party of pupils and staff from Duncanrig Secondary School in East Kilbride have returned home safe and well after their 2 weeks in Luwero.  Mr Scott Atkins, the party leader, wishes to express the thanks of the group members for the welcome, hospitality and friendship they received during their stay.  The memories of their

Duncanrig Secondary School Visit

A group of 18 pupils and 4 members of staff arrived at the Project on 10th October for 2 weeks as part of the partnership between Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride and Luwero Community Projects.  The party will be assisting in as many ways as they can and have plans to help in the schools,

Ernie’s Report on the September Youth Camp

Luwero’s 12th annual youth camp took place between 10th & 15th September. The theme was ‘David: A man after God’s own heart’ and involved a series of studies about the life of King David including his anointing and his contacts with Saul, Jonathan, Goliath, Abigail, Mephibosheth, the Amalekites, the Philistines, Bathsheba, etc. Time was also

School News

400 primary and 200 secondary pupils returned to school on the 17th September along with new members of staff.     New Dormitories The dormitory blocks are making good progress: the girls’ dormitory has been completed and painted.  The dorms enjoy much improved bathroom and washing facilities and the girls are excited about their new

Youth Camp 2018

The 12th Annual Youth Camp and Luwero Pastors’ Fellowship has just ended, and  it was a resounding success.  People from Uganda and beyond gathered at the Project to share their faith, listen to the messages of the speakers and enjoy the company of fellow Christians. The theme for this year’s conference was ‘David: The man

Katie and Mama Katie’s Adventure

Having visited the project in 2014 as part of a party with Duncanrig Secondary, East Kilbride, I was left with an everlasting impression in my heart, and I knew one day I would return. After hearing all the stories and seeing all the project pictures, my mum also had a yearning to experience the Ugandan