On 11th October 2017 a group of pupils and teachers from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, set off for an experience that most could only dream of.

Head teacher George Wynne and teachers David Clark, Celeste Breen and Patricia Leggat accompanied the pupils. They stayed in the community centre at Kiryanyonza and spent two weeks working with the children of the project. The parents funded and arranged the filling and transportation of a container to go to the project.  The container was packed with:

  • An organ for the new church,
  • A pulpit for the new church,
  • A dentist’s chair to facilitate oral hygiene checking,
  • 6 diesel generators,
  • 10 solar panels and associated “gubbins” to make them work,
  • 10 laptop computers
  • Water collection systems to provide proper (cold water!) showers for the pupils,
  • Building and decorating materials,
  • Tractor tyres,
  • 100+ boxes of clothes, shoes, medical supplies, stationery and bed linen collected from staff, pupils, parents and friends of the party,
  • 8 bikes
  • 20 babies buggies (courtesy of Glasgow Airport unclaimed property)

Stuart Forrester:

We are incredibly thankful for the experience we had, in particular to Pastor Gabriel and the Luwero community for welcoming us into their homes and hearts for 2 weeks. The community’s togetherness was truly heart-warming.

The children are the nicest, kindest, most amazing people I have ever met.

Gemma Murphy:

Luwero was everything I could have hoped for and more.
The incredible people of Luwero taught us that family is not determined by blood, friendship is not defined by how long you have known someone. We all made friendships in Uganda that we will cherish for a lifetime but most importantly they taught us that if you can be anything in this world to be kind. We cannot thank the people of Luwero Community enough for the love, care and compassion that we were shown.

Chloe MacDonald:

Luwero was an incredible experience that I will never forget, and will forever cherish.
I believe that we travelled there with the feeling that we had lots to offer them, when, in fact, I felt like we received just as much, if not more from them. Their consistent happiness and incredible sense of community puts us to shame, and I feel so blessed to have been welcomed to join them. The bonds which we all formed with the children and adults alike are bonds which we will always treasure.