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Our Projects


Early in the development of the Luwero projects the need to provide good education for the many children and young people in the area was deemed a necessity. The project has established a primary, a secondary school and, recently, a vocational skills college.


Following an evangelistic outreach led by Gabriel Kijjambu in 2004, some 30 people became Christians and formed the nucleus of a new church in Kiryanyonza Village, Luwero. Services initially were held under a tree until a temporary timber building was constructed. The new building…


Our projects are situated in a rural village of Kiryanyonza, within Luwero district. In 2009 a UK company, Lakeland Limited, generously donated funds with which to build a clinic. The single storey building has surgeries together with two small wards where patients can be cared for short-term and some ancillary facilities.


Several acres of ground are under cultivation at Luwero. In addition, about 7 acres is farmed elsewhere on land owned by a church member. Crops grown include maize, coffee, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, beans, corn, potatoes, etc. Livestock, mainly pigs along with some goats, cattle and chickens are kept.