Several acres of ground are under cultivation at Luwero. In addition, about 7 acres is farmed elsewhere on land owned by a church member. Crops grown include maize, coffee, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, beans, corn, potatoes, etc. Livestock, mainly pigs along with some goats, cattle and chickens are kept. Food produced is used to feed the children and, when the harvest allows, surpluses are sold in the local market.

Rainfall is one of the greatest determining factors affecting crop yields. A water bowser helps distribute water to where it is needed on the farm as well as elsewhere. The purchase of a tractor in 2008 through generous donors greatly assists the agricultural work.

Children, as part of their education, work on the farm from time to time and learn farming skills which helps them environmentally, educationally and practically.

As the project develops and more land is used for buildings less ground is available for farming. Consequently, the project urgently needs to acquire another 100-200 acres of land to establish and develop the farm as a separate entity. The plans envision the appointment of a farm manager who will live on site, the employment of local people to work on site and the ability to make it a self-generating income resource . A key requisite for the site is an adequate supply of water.