In Visiting Luwero

Lesley Wynne’s trip to Luwero 2012

Read Lesley Wynne’s full report of her trip to Luwero.

On the 10th of August 2012 I met up with an 8 man team from Queenspark Baptist Church at Glasgow Airport ready to set out on our day of travelling to embark upon our Ugandan Adventure. The team were incredible, I was lucky enough to spend my first 10 days alongside them and Ernie Bayton before being the only volunteer for my final 4 weeks.

During my first week The Luwero Community Project held their 6th Annual Youth camp which was an absolutely amazing experience. From getting up at 5am to sing, dance and praise whilst watching the sun rise to getting the opportunity to preach in front of over 500 people, the youth camp is definitely an experience I will never ever forget. Not only did I get to be involved in the youth camp but I tried so many new foods, saw animals I’ve only ever heard of, visited the equator and source of the Nile as well as experiencing a Ugandan thunder and lightning storm, I have to say I will never ever be scared in Britain’s poor excuse of one again.

Being on my own for the remainder of my trip meant that I got a true taste of what Ugandan life is like and the work the project does. Over those 4 weeks I got to spend a lot of time in the primary school, especially with the nursery children, did some farming, which involved the use of a machete, helped teachers with preparation and got involved in church activities.

To say my trip was a life changing experience is an understatement! The smallest things remind me of my time there; I will never ever forget it or be the person I was before I left. It has changed my life entirely and really given me a sense of reality. Never in my life have I met such incredible, happy people. They sleep in homes smaller than most british bathrooms, don’t have enough food to feed their children, have no electricity, running water or sanitation, wear the same clothes every day which are ripped and torn yet they treated me like royalty and wanted to do all they could for me. I was so honoured and privileged to be in their company and learned so much for each and every single person! If anything I have come home with a real sense of guilt for having the ability to come home and for everything I took for granted! Gabriel and Deborah are the most inspirational people I have ever had the privilege to meet. I learned so much from them and was made to feel so at home and welcome. The difference the project is making to the community is sensational and truly awe inspiring. To say I miss them is an understatement; they have changed me so much as a person and taught me not only about Uganda but about the Lord. They made me realise that nothing we achieve or gain in our lives is through ourselves. Everything is a gift from God, especially where he places us for our birth as so much of your life is dependent on the country in which you are born and the resources and opportunities it can provide!

I just want to finish by thanking the Lord for the work the project does and every single person involved in it because without it I dread to think what Kiryanyonza would be like. There is no question as to whether I will return….I cannot wait to!