June Newsletter

Welcome to the June edition of the Luwero Newsletter

Two new wells drilled

Following the plea for help to address the problem of drought, I am delighted to tell you that 2 new wells have been drilled. They are both 70 metres deep and are now providing an abundant source of fresh water for the staff and pupils of the Project.

To read the responses of the children who are now benefitting from the wells, go to the news section of the website or click on the letter below.

Pastor and Church Leaders’ Conference, Bible School and Children’s Club

This year’s event was very successful.


The conference was attended by nearly 700 delegates from across Uganda.  As in previous years it was a 5-day residential event with a few daily visitors. Plenary teaching sessions were held in the church while other sessions or workshops for pastors, other male leaders, women and youth were held at various locations around the project.


Bible School

Three new modules were taught at this year’s sessions of the Bible College.  Each module lasted 1½ days.  Over the 4½ days Darnell taught a module on Jesus in the New Testament, Stuart on God’s plan of salvation (Romans) and I dealt with a module on Christian Discipleship (Colossians). Approximately 25 students attended every module.

Children’s Club

The club attracted nearly 700 children. The event was organised and run by a Ugandan team of young people ably assisted by two volunteers from Scotland (Karen and Sandra).  The club ran each morning for five days and included a Bible story, quizzes, games, memory verses and singing together with breaks for drinks for the children.

For full details of all the events, read Ernie Bayton’s report in full on the website or click here.

School News

Dormitory Construction

I am delighted to be able to tell you that work has recommenced on the dormitories and is now progressing well.  Work on the girl’s block is now at first-floor level where the walls are at full height awaiting the construction of the second-floor slab. The boy’s dormitory block has been constructed as far as the first-floor concrete slab level.

New Headteacher Joins

As was mentioned in the last newsletter, Aminah, the long-standing Headteacher of Luwero Community Secondary school resigned her post.  Her replacement is David, who started work at the beginning of this term.  Please pray for David in his new post as he sets about leading his staff and pupils into a new stage, under a new school name and pray that all the schools continue to thrive.

July Visit

The arrival of 20 visitors from East Kilbride is eagerly anticipated at the Project, and the group are entering the final stages of their preparation.  Last Saturday saw a Coffee Morning held at Westwood Evangelical Church in East Kilbride which raised over £1,000 due to the generosity of the congregation.  The group are now making final preparations for their last 2 fund raising events and are meeting on Saturday 22nd to pack their “extra” 20 cases with supplies for the folk in Luwero.

While the party is over at the Project they will be helping in the following ways;

  • working in the wider community with jobs that Gabriel has organised,
  • painting the new dormitories,
  • oral checks and dental education,
  • teaching geography,
  • peer support for the primary and secondary Headteachers,
  • sewing and handicrafts,
  • homework help,
  • security evaluation,
  • maintenance review,
  • rebuilding the volleyball court and building a new basketball court.

Please pray for a safe journey and productive visit.


If you have any news that you would like to share with other supporters, please send it to the Luwero CP offices using the address shown on the accompanying email.


April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Welcome to the April edition of the Luwero Newsletter

Work about to begin on new wells

Following the situation regarding the chronic shortage of water within the Project, Gabriel and the Trustees have acted quickly to address the drought situation at Luwero.  Quotations were received from contractors, contracts agreed and work on boring 2 new wells within the Project will begin soon.  The rig for digging the wells is on site and we look forward to hearing how the work progresses.  A number of you have kindly donated towards the funding of the new wells and we are very grateful to you for that.

Similarly, the team of 20 people who are visiting this summer are focussing their fundraising towards raising funds to contribute towards the costs of the drilling the 2 boreholes: any additional money raised could go towards completing the construction of the girls’ dormitory or buying food to compensate for the poor harvest.  We are all taking part in the Glasgow Kiltwalk for this purpose (details are below).


Pastor and Church Leaders’ Conference and Children’s Club

Preparations are in hand for the Pastor and Church Leader’s Conference and Children’s Club being held 29th April to 3rd May.  A team of 5 are travelling to Luwero on Friday 26th April.

Three Scottish church leaders (Stuart, Darnell and Ernie) will speak at the conference and two ladies (Karen and Sandra) will assist a Ugandan team with the Children’s Club. The Children’s Club theme is ‘Jesus is alive today’.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Renewing our Covenants with God’.  Each speaker will have approximately nine sessions at the conference over three and a half days.  Stuart will speak on Covenants in the Bible, Darnell on the Five Purposes of the Church (Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Fellowship and Ministry) and Ernie on Selected Psalms.  In parallel with the pastor and church leader’s conference, there will be 3 x 1½ day modules run consecutively over 4½ days for ICCU:-

[1] God’s Plan of Salvation (Romans 1-6),

[2] Christian Discipleship (Colossians 1-4)

[3] Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

A total of four and a half days will be taught at the ICCU (International Christian College, Uganda) which has been established at Luwero.  Our three conference speakers will rotate between the conference and college.  A cohort of 32 students will attend.

Farm News

The work of the farm continues, despite the hostile conditions it is facing to grow.  Crops have been planted recently and we pray that they will grow and provide food for the Project.  The really good news is that some rain fell on Luwero recently and we hope and pray that this continues.  Please remember to keep praying for rain to sustain the crops.

School News

Dormitory Construction

Following the hiatus in construction work on the boys and girls dormitory blocks at the secondary school, I am delighted to be able to tell you that work has recommenced and is progressing, albeit slowly due to lack of water.

School Roll Figures

The confirmed school rolls for this academic session are:

399 children are attending the primary school

196 children are attending the secondary school.

Secondary Headteacher Leaves

Aminah, the long-standing Headteacher of Luwero Community Secondary school has resigned her post so that she can spend more time with her two young sons.  She leaves with the good wishes of all at Luwero and she hopes that the Project continues to thrive.

Marion’s Visit

Marion, a former ICC Glasgow student with Gabriel, travelled to Luwero recently to spend a fortnight visiting the project.  I am delighted to include a short report from her on her visit.

My return to Uganda after more than 10 years was all I had hoped it would be. The opportunity to catch up with old friends and participate in the lives of women and children in Luwero was as heart-warming as I remembered.

I ran a 4-day conference on ‘The empowerment of women and womens’ role in the church’. I helped out in the nursery classes and the primary school.

My first teacher asked me to draw 10 wall charts for her …. my worst nightmare, since I can’t draw two straight lines! It took me 3 hours!  The next teacher gave me craft to do – my next worst nightmare.  I really think God was having a good laugh.  I moved on to marking – much more my style and also some interactive Geography and Science teaching.  I loved being back in the classroom albeit with 56 pupils, no electric light and fixed blackboards, the top half of which I couldn’t reach!

I was invited to preach on the first Sunday I was there.  The African style of worship is so joyous with the drums and dancing I was more than happy to join in.

The Ugandan diet was just as I remembered!  If I never see another banana this year it will be too soon, not to mention goat and beans! Though the fresh pineapple and mango were amazing.

The best thing of all, apart from renewing relationships, was to see how the projects I’d been involved in had reached fruition. God is so good.  Bishop Gabriel’s community has gone from strength to strength in an amazingly short time.

To see how folk live there and how their faith in God sustains them through so much hardship is very humbling. I was incredibly blessed throughout my time of sharing in their lives.

If you have any news that you would like to share with other supporters, please send it to the Luwero CP offices using the address shown on the accompanying email.

February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of the Luwero newsletter

Gabriel’s Travels

Gabriel has been very busy over the month of January, locally and further afield.  He was invited to speak and lead at many camps and conference engagements in various parts of Uganda but is now safely back in Luwero.

Gabriel is in the process of trying to renew his visa with the UK authorities in Kampala and Nairobi.  His current 5-year visa has expired, and he is seeking to get a renewal for at least 5, and possibly 10 years.  Obtaining visas can be notoriously difficult so please pray for a smooth, successful process.  Plans are also afoot to enable Gabriel to visit Germany this year: the Trustees have been assisting friends in Germany to establish their own Trust for supporting Luwero.


Naming ceremony for Luwero Community Secondary School

The naming ceremony for Luwero Community Secondary School (formerly Luwero Brilliant High School) took place just before Christmas.  It was a joyous occasion and marks the start of a new chapter in the life of the school.  To see photographs taken on the day and video footage of the celebrations, go to the News section of the website.


New School Session

Pupils started back to the nursery, primary and secondary schools on the 2nd of February.  Another year of study and hard work commenced, with the hope of good grades and success.  Last session’s P7 and S4 pupils performed very well in their final exams.  In P7 the pupils obtained 15 first grades, 21 upper second grades, 3 third grades and 1 fourth grade. In S4 the pupils achieved 4 first grade passes and the others managed passes at second and third grades.  The pupils of P7 and S4 gathered together to be congratulated on their successes and to hear the recommendations for their next levels of study.  To see photographs taken on the day, go to the News section of the website.

A negative note about the return to school is that not every pupil managed to make it back.  The economy is not favourable at the moment because of the lack of rain and the effect this has had on crops and earnings.  The Board of Trustees has launched a Bursary scheme to support pupils whose parents cannot afford to send their children to school: please pray for its success.  Please also pray that as many pupils as possible can last the full year and devote themselves to their studies, regardless of the hurdles they have to overcome to be there.

On other school matters, the slab for the first floor of the boys dormitory is finished and work will commence soon on the plastering of the ground floor.  Work on the construction of the first floor of the girls dormitory has had to be halted due to the high costs of building materials: the materials will be purchased when prices fall to a more realistic and affordable level.


Please pray for rain.  Everything has dried up and the country has a terrible shortage of water.  The animals are suffering, and their futures are not secure.  The crops have not yielded the return that Gabriel and the team were looking and hoping for. The (only) borehole at the secondary school is so crowded that it causes long delays during lessons and eating times.  The team are all praying for the rain but also for an additional water source, eg a borehole at the primary section.


Visitor to the Project

Marion, a former ICC Glasgow student with Gabriel, is travelling to Luwero next week to spend a fortnight visiting the project.  Please pray for a safe journey for her.


Team Luwero 2019

In July of this year a team of 20 people, including me (team Luwero 2019), will be travelling to Luwero to help at the Project.  As well as going over to lend our brain, brawn and skills as required, we are also attempting to raise as much money as possible in sponsorship to give to the project.  We have not set a specific target but, given the news about the lack of accessible water, we would like to raise £4,000 to fund the drilling of another borehole: any additional money raised could go towards completing the construction of the girls dormitory or buying food to compensate for the poor harvest.  We are all taking part in the Glasgow Kiltwalk and would be grateful for any sponsorship we can raise through the Facebook team page.  If you would like to donate, please click on the following link:


If you have any news that you would like to share with other supporters,

please email it to the Luwero CP offices.

December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of the Luwero Newsletter.

Baby Dedication Service

Gabriel recently led a service dedicated to mothers and babies in the church where the mothers and babies were celebrated as a focal point in the service.  What made the dedication extra special was that the mums all received a gift.  They were all presented with a baby buggy!  The buggies were part of the consignment of goods contained in the container that was sent by the parents and supporters of the Duncanrig Secondary School party who were in Luwero in October 2017.

To read more about the service and to see photos of the mothers and babies, go to the News section of the website.

Message from Gabriel

Hello Brothers and Sisters

Here in Luwero we are all good. The Church is doing great and we have lots of activities planned for this Christmas time.  On the 21st we have the overnight prayer meeting, followed by evangelistic outreach on the 22nd to 24th.

On the 23rd we will have a Christmas Carols service and on Christmas Day we will have 2 services.  Boxing day is the day in which we give out gifts. That’s’ when most of the items we received in the container from Duncanrig School last October will be given away.

To read the rest of Gabriel’s message, go to the News section of the website.

Bush’s visit to Eastern Uganda

Bush has been busy recently, doing her part in building the nation as well as doing the great commission.

I have been educating children about the gospel as part of an outreach team in Kidera, Kisaikye, deep in the Eastern parts of Uganda. I am loving each part of it. To know Christ and to make him known will always be my number one priority.”

 Duncanrig Secondary School Visit

In October, 18 pupils and 4 teachers from Duncanrig Secondary School visited the Project. For the previous 10 months pupils, parents, supporters and staff worked hard to raise funds to support the Project. In total the group donated over £20,000 to the project and established the “Duncanrig Luwero Scholarship Bursary Scheme” that will be used to support those in the most need who have no access to education.

To see some photos and read more about their experience, click here.

Luwero Calendars

2019 Luwero calendars are still available for purchase, priced £8 for a large, wall calendar and £5 for the smaller, desktop version.  If you would like to buy a copy/copies please contact the office and allow £2 for postage and packing.

August Newsletter

August Newsletter

August 2018 – Luwero Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of our newsletter.  Luwero continues to be a busy place where the work progresses under Gabriel’s leadership.


High School

The pupils are busy preparing for their end of term exams.  Please pray for them as they study to help them achieve the best results possible. The school term finishes on 24th August and recommences at the end of September. Because of high food prices, feeding the children has been a challenge this term: the importance of the farm has never been so obvious.

One of the teaching staff was recently involved in an accident and broke both legs in several places.  Thankfully, he is now on the mend and we wish him a full recovery.  Another issue adversely affecting the secondary school at present is that building the boy’s new dormitory block has been temporarily suspended until material prices, particularly reinforcement, stabilises and comes down.


Currently two ladies from Germany are visiting the project to help out.  Earlier Ben, a 17-year old young man from Scotland, spent two weeks volunteering at the project and had a ‘great time’.  This month two other visitors, a mother and daughter also from Scotland, are visiting Luwero as volunteers for two weeks.  This is the girl’s second visit to the project and she has brought her Mum to see the work being done “first hand” and allow her to get involved.

Youth Camp

Our 12th annual Youth Camp is scheduled for 10th until 14th September.

This year’s theme is, ‘David: The man after God’s own heart’ and, as the title implies, will be a series of studies in the life of the Old Testament character King David.

The camp, as in previous years, is residential and will include workshops, sports, games, competitions, featured guest artistes, choirs, health programmes and community involvement. One of our Directors will be attending the camp as guest speaker for the week.

Other local speakers will be at the camp on various days. The camp will be advertised on local radio as well as through churches and locally displayed posters.



Luwero, like the UK, has experienced a shortage of rain over the past two months, leading to some of the wells in the community drying up. We have two wells at Luwero, one of which has dried up but the other continues to have a plentiful supply of water. The water bowser purchased last year is reaping benefits as we are able to distribute water around the project to the places where it is needed. Please pray for rainfall for the town and the project.  Local crops are obviously adversely affected by drought and will only make the food price situation worse.

Sad News

I am sorry to related that Andrew, a member of the church and a well-known character at Luwero who was disabled, died recently as the result of a tragic accident when he fell into a well in the village. It reminds us just how precarious life can sometimes be.


Gabriel is now chair of the private schools association in Luwero. An initiative is being promoted to introduce Scripture Union (SU) to as many schools as possible. Friends will also remember that Gabriel is also chair of the Luwero Pastors’ Fellowship. In that capacity he has pastoral oversight of about 600 churches. He was invited recently to a meeting addressed by the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.