Welcome to the August edition of our Luwero Newsletter.

It has been a busy time at the Projects, the 14th annual Youth Camp is underway, the Trust has appointed a new Director and planning is ongoing for next year.

The Kijjambu Family

The family are all well, although Peggy required some hospital treatment for a couple of days at the end of July.  She is a lot better now and responding to treatment.

Youth Camp

After a 2-year Covid break, the 14th annual youth camp started on the 14th of this month and runs until the 20th.  Around 1,000 young people are expected to attend this year.

This year’s theme is, ‘Arise and shine – as a young person for Jesus’.  Ernie Bayton will attend the youth camp and, over about 10 teaching sessions, speak about Peter – flawed but faithful, who arose and shone for Jesus.

In addition to teaching sessions there will also be Q&A sessions, workshops, sports activities, early morning devotions and later night prayer meetings.

It is our normal practice to source Bibles in either Luganda or English to issue to all young people attending the camp.  This year the Ugandan Bible Society have experienced difficulties in obtaining supplies.  It is hoped that copies of Bibles will be available in time for the camp.

Pastors and Church Leaders’ Conference Follow Up

It is reported, following this year’s pastor and church leader’s conference, that many pastors returned to their churches and used the material from studies in Nehemiah they were taught at the conference to encourage their congregations.

Following the impact of Covid, a great need exists for rebuilding in the churches.  Pastors have taken the initiative to teach about the needs to their members.

School News

The schools are now on holiday for the summer break.  The end of term took place a week earlier than planned due to food shortages.  The term was challenging and P7 and S4 pupils are continuing their schooling for another few weeks to prepare them for their national exams in October and November.

Last term 470 children were in attendance at the primary school and 185 at the secondary school.  Some children did not return to school after Covid for a variety of reasons, including moving away from the area, older girls married during the lockdown period or became pregnant, some pupils found employment and chose not to complete their education.

Sponsored Children

About 20 sponsored children did not return to the schools after lockdown.  Our child sponsorship co-ordinator has been in touch with the affected sponsors and offered them a number of options.  It is hoped by the end of August to have sufficient replacement children available for sponsorship.  Sponsors will be contacted individually.

Bursary Scheme

For a few years we have operated a bursary scheme whereby pupils who fall outwith our normal sponsorship criteria can be provided with a free education at Luwero.  In conjunction with our German sister organisation, the Board has decided to widen the scheme.

It has been decided to subsidise parents who wish their children to attend school at Luwero but who cannot, for a variety of reasons which may be temporary or permanent, pay the full school fees.  Gabriel, along with his team at Luwero, will speak to such parents, assess what proportion of fees they can afford with the balance coming from the scheme.

Farm News

I regret to inform you that recent harvests have been poor.  Seed was planted, germinated but the flowering of the plants coincided with an intensely hot spell during which crops were burnt by the sun.  The poor quality of maize harvested was used to feed the animals.  Rain returned on 27th July and new seed has been planted hoping for a better harvest later this year.

New Trust Director/Trustee

The Board is delighted to announce that a new Director/Trustee has joined the Board.  Martin Leckie has a long-held interest in Luwero, having known Gabriel for many years. Martin is an Elder at The Westwood Evangelical Church in East Kilbride and is a business executive.  His daughter was one of the pupils who spent time at Luwero with a group from Duncanrig Secondary School.

Next Year

The team at Luwero are engaged in future planning for next year.  It is hoped to hold the 11th annual Pastor and Church Leader’s Conference in April/May (depending upon school holidays).  At the same time, it is also hoped to reinstate the Children’s Club.  Some supporters have already indicated an interest in visiting Luwero to help with the club child. Anyone wishing to do so should, in the first instance, contact the office via email or our website.

Message from Ernie Bayton

“At the risk of overloading your prayer life, could I ask for your prayerful support during my 10 day visit to this year’s Youth Camp.  Gabriel, Deborah and the team have been planning and preparing the camp for months.  We look to the Lord for his provision, the enabling power of his Spirit, wisdom, help, health, safe travelling, strength and a sense of the Lord’s presence with us.

Thank you for your prayerful support.”

Prayer Points

We ask that you continue praying for:

  • the Kijjambu family, particularly Gabriella, Debbie and Peggy
  • this year’s youth camp
  • the school, the pupils and teachers
  • local parents as they struggle to afford the cost of schooling for their children
  • a better yield from the crop recently planted
  • Martin Leckie is he embarks upon his Trusteeship