February 2018 Newsletter


As we grapple with arctic conditions in the UK remember Gabriel and the team at Luwero. Little rain has fallen at Luwero since Gabriel returned just before Christmas. When speaking with Gabriel recently by telephone, at 10.00 pm local time in Uganda, he confirmed that the temperature was 35°C.

December 2017 Newsletter


As we issued our October Newsletter news was received that the purchase of 100 acres of land for the farm had failed. The present owner of the land was unable to produce valid title deeds for the land and upon the advice of our lawyers the decision was taken not to proceed. Obviously the need

Duncanrig Secondary trip 2017

On 11th October 2017 a group of pupils and teachers from Duncanrig Secondary School, East Kilbride, set off for an experience that most could only dream of.

Youth Camp 2017

The 11th Annual International Youth Camp in conjunction with the Luwero Pastors Fellowship was held on 4th – 9th September 2017

May 2017 Newsletter


Luwero’s schools are currently on holiday for a few weeks in line with national guidelines. Current pupil numbers are slightly less than in the term before Christmas 2016. Last term 428 children attended the primary school and just over 200 enrolled in the secondary school. The reason for the drop in the school roles is

February 2017 Newsletter

The new academic year in Uganda began on Monday 6th February when primary and secondary school pupils returned to school. The results of P7 and S4 children who sat 2016 end of year exams were encouraging. 37 out of 38 P7 pupils passed their exams with 1st or 2nd grades. Similar results were obtained by

November 2016 Newsletter

The current school term ends on 6th December for the extended Christmas/New Year holidays. P7 and S4 classes have now completed their end of year exams. S6 began their exams on Monday 14th November and exams for all the remaining classes commence on Monday 21st November. Both the primary and secondary schools have had a

July 2016 Newsletter


Shortly after our last Newsletter we learnt that Gabriel had fallen on to the concrete floor of the new church building. He was unconscious for 5 hours. Following extensive X-rays and a CT scan no serious injuries were identified. Occasionally he still suffers from headaches and dizziness. Doctors advise him that this will continue for

May 2016 Newsletter


Gabriel and Deborah are all both well and continue to serve the people of Luwero tirelessly. Priscilla celebrated her first birthday on 17th April. Although she suffered occasionally from colds and chest infections she has made good progress and, in Deborah’s words, ‘she has started going to school 2 days per week’, as she accompanies

February 2016 Newsletter


Life at Luwero is quieter than usual at present. School holidays have been extended by the Ugandan Government because of presidential and parliamentary elections which take place on Thursday 18th February. In addition to schools being closed many businesses close down over the election period. The close down often creates commodity and materials shortages. Consequently

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