Welcome to the June edition of the Luwero Newsletter

Two new wells drilled

Following the plea for help to address the problem of drought, I am delighted to tell you that 2 new wells have been drilled. They are both 70 metres deep and are now providing an abundant source of fresh water for the staff and pupils of the Project.

To read the responses of the children who are now benefitting from the wells, go to the news section of the website or click on the letter below.

Pastor and Church Leaders’ Conference, Bible School and Children’s Club

This year’s event was very successful.


The conference was attended by nearly 700 delegates from across Uganda.  As in previous years it was a 5-day residential event with a few daily visitors. Plenary teaching sessions were held in the church while other sessions or workshops for pastors, other male leaders, women and youth were held at various locations around the project.


Bible School

Three new modules were taught at this year’s sessions of the Bible College.  Each module lasted 1½ days.  Over the 4½ days Darnell taught a module on Jesus in the New Testament, Stuart on God’s plan of salvation (Romans) and I dealt with a module on Christian Discipleship (Colossians). Approximately 25 students attended every module.

Children’s Club

The club attracted nearly 700 children. The event was organised and run by a Ugandan team of young people ably assisted by two volunteers from Scotland (Karen and Sandra).  The club ran each morning for five days and included a Bible story, quizzes, games, memory verses and singing together with breaks for drinks for the children.

For full details of all the events, read Ernie Bayton’s report in full on the website or click here.

School News

Dormitory Construction

I am delighted to be able to tell you that work has recommenced on the dormitories and is now progressing well.  Work on the girl’s block is now at first-floor level where the walls are at full height awaiting the construction of the second-floor slab. The boy’s dormitory block has been constructed as far as the first-floor concrete slab level.

New Headteacher Joins

As was mentioned in the last newsletter, Aminah, the long-standing Headteacher of Luwero Community Secondary school resigned her post.  Her replacement is David, who started work at the beginning of this term.  Please pray for David in his new post as he sets about leading his staff and pupils into a new stage, under a new school name and pray that all the schools continue to thrive.

July Visit

The arrival of 20 visitors from East Kilbride is eagerly anticipated at the Project, and the group are entering the final stages of their preparation.  Last Saturday saw a Coffee Morning held at Westwood Evangelical Church in East Kilbride which raised over £1,000 due to the generosity of the congregation.  The group are now making final preparations for their last 2 fund raising events and are meeting on Saturday 22nd to pack their “extra” 20 cases with supplies for the folk in Luwero.

While the party is over at the Project they will be helping in the following ways;

  • working in the wider community with jobs that Gabriel has organised,
  • painting the new dormitories,
  • oral checks and dental education,
  • teaching geography,
  • peer support for the primary and secondary Headteachers,
  • sewing and handicrafts,
  • homework help,
  • security evaluation,
  • maintenance review,
  • rebuilding the volleyball court and building a new basketball court.

Please pray for a safe journey and productive visit.


If you have any news that you would like to share with other supporters, please send it to the Luwero CP offices using the address shown on the accompanying email.