A big thank you to all sponsors for continuing to support children and their families throughout the coronavirus emergency.

Gabriel has maintained contact with sponsored pupils. He is organising practical support such as visiting children, providing maize and other food to families, advising on school work to be done at home and subsidising families and teachers where needs exist. Where direct contact has not been possible, financial gifts sent by MoneyGram via mobile phones have been made. Your sponsorship and gifts have made all of these things possible.

Gabriel will arrange to oversee the distribution of Christmas gifts to sponsored children.  The normal arrangements of sending a suggested £10.00 donation for your sponsored child will continue for those of you who are able to contribute.

If you do not currently sponsor a child and would like to, or would simply like to send a donation to support the provision of Christmas gifts to the children, please contact Krysia Cruickshank, the Child Sponsorship Coordinator, via the Contact link on this website.