Welcome to the Christmas edition of our Luwero Newsletter.  As Christmas approaches, we are very aware of the impact that COVID-19 will have on our celebrations, both here and in Uganda.  However, folk here and at Luwero are determined to celebrate the birth of Jesus despite the restrictions in place

Christmas Worship in Luwero

Covid-19 restrictions mean that services cannot be held after 6 pm because of curfew.  Churches at Luwero are able to meet; numbers are limited to 70 people per service with protective measures in place.  Gabriel informs us that this limit has been increased from 70 to 200 provided social distancing can be maintained.  The church at Luwero can easily accommodate that number, even with restrictions.

The Christmas programme has been curtailed this year because of the coronavirus restrictions.

Programme    23rd December   –        a Carol Service is planned in the church

                         25th December   –      one Christmas Day service will be held

                         26th December   –      Christmas gifts will be distributed throughout the local community to orphans and needy families

                         31st December    –     a day of prayer 9 am to 6 pm

                         1st January            –   between 3 and 6 pm church members and local villages will be visited for evangelistic outreach

The Kijjambus

The Kijjambu family are all well.  Gabriella has recovered well from her recent health problems.  She received good treatment initially from the main hospital in Kampala and then at Kiwoko hospital, about 10 miles away from Luwero.

         Priscilla and her 3 baby sisters

Please remember Gabriel, Deborah, Priscilla and the babies in your prayers.


There have been a number of coronavirus cases in the Luwero area with a few reported deaths.  At the time of writing there have been 22,499 cases reported and 206 deaths across Uganda. Lockdown restrictions still apply across the country.  Numbers continue to grow.  Funds continue to be sent to Gabriel to enable relief to be given to staff and pupils at the projects as well as the needs of local people with whom Gabriel has contact.  We are indebted to those who continue to support the work at Luwero both prayerfully and practically.


School News

The first  term for P7, S4 and  S6 pupils ended on 18th December; exams will be taken next March/April.  It was anticipated that a full return to school would take place on Monday 11th January, however this has been delayed until 18th January because of elections next year.



Farm News

Crops have been growing well;

  • maize was planted recently following a period of rain
  • coffee was harvested
  • the cows have produced 3 calves.

We hope that these successes continue, as the farm is crucial to the long-term sustainability of the projects.


National Elections

National elections take place on 14th January 2021.  Such events can often be accompanied with violence and problems: pray for peaceful elections and ongoing stable government in the country.


2021 Calendars and Gabriel’s Favourite Hymns

Final call for Luwero 2021 calendars and Gabriel’s Favourite Hymns CD for delivery prior to Christmas.  Small desk calendars £5 and A4 wall calendars £9..  Copies may be ordered by email (mailto:[email protected]).  Copies of Gabriel’s CD are £8 and may be ordered in the same way as calendars.


Knowing and Doing

Printing of the Luganda translation of Knowing & Doing by John McQuoid is expected during January 2021: we are working with the publishers to finalise outstanding issues.




Prayer Points

We ask that you continue praying for following:

  • everyone involved in arranging Christmas services and celebrations at the projects and within Kiryanyonza,
  • the Kijjambu family and the 3 babies in particular as they grow stronger,
  • all the children and their families as they come together at this time of year
  • the pupils, and their return to school after the Christmas break,
  • the continuing success of crops and livestock at the farm,
  • a peaceful and civilised national election, free from violence and disruption,
  • further afield in Uganda, as people continue to cope with the effects of COVID-19 and the negative impact it is having on their lives.