At the time of writing Uganda has 13,568 reported cases of coronavirus and 117 deaths. There has been a steady increase in both sets of figures since mid-August. The accuracy of these figures cannot be verified.

During these past few months, Gabriel has been in contact with as many sponsored pupils as possible. He has facilitated practical support such as visiting children, providing maize and other foods to families, advising on school work able to be done at home and provided financial assistance to families and teachers where needs exist. Where direct contact has not been possible, financial gifts sent by MoneyGram via mobile phones have been made. Your gifts have made all of these things possible.

A couple of weeks ago the Ugandan government allowed pupils in P7, S4 and S6 to return to school. This enabled 38, 41 and 7 pupils respectively to return in these three school years. Pupils in these years are known as ‘finalists’ since they are in their final year of education before moving on. Normally these pupils would sit their annual school exams in November. These exams have however been delayed until April/May next year so that pupils can complete the curriculum for the school year. All sponsored children in these years have returned to school. The remainder of children in all other classes are scheduled to return to school in January 2021, their school year having been delayed by 12 months. Hopefully these plans will be able to materialise.

To allow the return to school, full coronavirus protection measures have been put in place in accordance with government guidelines.  Additionally, the authorities have instructed that a boundary wall be built to ensure that pupils and the public are kept separate at the secondary school.  Work has commenced building the wall.  In the light of the steps taken and being taken the government has granted the schools a licence to operate.

Once the schools return, we will be able to assess any specific concerns regarding sponsored children and will advise you accordingly.

Gabriel will arrange to supervise the distribution of Christmas gifts to sponsored children.  The normal arrangements of sending a suggested £10.00 donation for your sponsored child still apply.

Payment can be made in a variety of ways including

  • cheques made out in favour of Luwero Community Projects Ltd and sent to Krysia Cruickshank, Child Sponsorship Coordinator,
  • electronic transfer via mobile banking or direct debit to our bank account
    • (RBS, sort code 83-16-13,
    • account number 00617368,
    • account name Luwero Community Projects Limited)
  • giving on-line via Virgin Money Giving through this website.

Whichever route you chose please ensure your gift is clearly marked for your named sponsored child.

Thank you again for your prayerful and practical support for the work at Luwero.