A heartfelt thank you to all our supporters and sponsors from the Luwero 2019 team.  On Sunday 28th April we set off from Glasgow Green to walk the 22+ miles to Balloch.  Leaving Glasgow at 9 am, we arrived in Balloch at around 5 pm.  Feet and joints were complaining and had every right to , given what we had put them through.  The walk itself was very enjoyable as we kept each other going and chatted all the way.  Entertainment has been laid on at various points of the route and there were pit stops every 3 or 4 miles where fluids and food were available.

The point of the day was to raise as much money as we could to support the work of Gabriel and his team in Luwero and we succeeded more that we could have dreamed.  Our target was £4,000 to help fund the drilling of bore holes and the provision of food and so far we have raised the sum of £5,840!  When The Hunter Foundation contribution of 40% is added, it means that we will have raised £8,176 to support the work of the project. More donations are still being received from supporters as the website does not close for a few weeks so we do not know what the final total will be.

None of this would have been possible without your support and we are extremely grateful to you.