Preparations are in hand for the Pastor and Church Leader’s Conference and Children’s Club being held 29th April to 3rd May.  A team of 5 are travelling to Luwero on Friday 26th April.

Three Scottish church leaders (Stuart, Darnell and Ernie) will speak at the conference and two ladies (Karen and Sandra) will assist a Ugandan team with the Children’s Club. The Children’s Club theme is ‘Jesus is alive today’.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Renewing our Covenants with God’.  Each speaker will have approximately nine sessions at the conference over three and a half days.  Stuart will speak on Covenants in the Bible, Darnell on the Five Purposes of the Church (Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Fellowship and Ministry) and Ernie on Selected Psalms.  In parallel with the pastor and church leader’s conference, there will be 3 x 1½ day modules run consecutively over 4½ days for ICCU:-

[1] God’s Plan of Salvation (Romans 1-6),

[2] Christian Discipleship (Colossians 1-4)

[3] Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

A total of four and a half days will be taught at the ICCU (International Christian College, Uganda) which has been established at Luwero.  Our three conference speakers will rotate between the conference and college.  A cohort of 32 students will attend.