400 primary and 200 secondary pupils returned to school on the 17th September along with new members of staff.



New Dormitories

The dormitory blocks are making good progress: the girls’ dormitory has been completed and painted.  The dorms enjoy much improved bathroom and washing facilities and the girls are excited about their new accommodation and enjoying their new environment.  The boys’ dormitory is under construction with the foundations having been completed.  The boys are looking forward eagerly to moving to their new home.

Science Laboratory

The new Science lab is now ready to be kitted out with the necessary equipment like sinks, furniture, partitioning and a chemical store.  This work will be undertaken once the necessary finances are obtained.  Please pray that the funds can be found to complete this project.

Competition Time

This term Music, Dance and Drama are being introduced to the curriculum.  Staff are looking forward to watching the pupils perform traditional dances from the different regions across Uganda.  There will be a competition staged to allow the pupils to show their talents.  Staff and pupils are preparing for the competition.

Student Retention

A particularly welcome piece of news is that student retention rates are very high this term.  The number of pupils dropping out of school is much reduced due to a programme of guidance and counselling.  The value of education have been stressed to the pupils and they have been encouraged by their peers as well as by staff.  Please pray that this trend continues.

National Examinations

Senior pupils return to school and immediately face the prospect of national exams.  Some pupils will be sitting their Ordinary Level exams in October and others will be sitting their Advanced Level exams in November.  Results of the Advanced exams will determine if pupils will be able to progress to college and university.  Please pray for them as they prepare for these very important and potentially life changing exams.