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August Newsletter

August 2018 – Luwero Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of our newsletter.  Luwero continues to be a busy place where the work progresses under Gabriel’s leadership.


High School

The pupils are busy preparing for their end of term exams.  Please pray for them as they study to help them achieve the best results possible. The school term finishes on 24th August and recommences at the end of September. Because of high food prices, feeding the children has been a challenge this term: the importance of the farm has never been so obvious.

One of the teaching staff was recently involved in an accident and broke both legs in several places.  Thankfully, he is now on the mend and we wish him a full recovery.  Another issue adversely affecting the secondary school at present is that building the boy’s new dormitory block has been temporarily suspended until material prices, particularly reinforcement, stabilises and comes down.


Currently two ladies from Germany are visiting the project to help out.  Earlier Ben, a 17-year old young man from Scotland, spent two weeks volunteering at the project and had a ‘great time’.  This month two other visitors, a mother and daughter also from Scotland, are visiting Luwero as volunteers for two weeks.  This is the girl’s second visit to the project and she has brought her Mum to see the work being done “first hand” and allow her to get involved.

Youth Camp

Our 12th annual Youth Camp is scheduled for 10th until 14th September.

This year’s theme is, ‘David: The man after God’s own heart’ and, as the title implies, will be a series of studies in the life of the Old Testament character King David.

The camp, as in previous years, is residential and will include workshops, sports, games, competitions, featured guest artistes, choirs, health programmes and community involvement. One of our Directors will be attending the camp as guest speaker for the week.

Other local speakers will be at the camp on various days. The camp will be advertised on local radio as well as through churches and locally displayed posters.



Luwero, like the UK, has experienced a shortage of rain over the past two months, leading to some of the wells in the community drying up. We have two wells at Luwero, one of which has dried up but the other continues to have a plentiful supply of water. The water bowser purchased last year is reaping benefits as we are able to distribute water around the project to the places where it is needed. Please pray for rainfall for the town and the project.  Local crops are obviously adversely affected by drought and will only make the food price situation worse.

Sad News

I am sorry to related that Andrew, a member of the church and a well-known character at Luwero who was disabled, died recently as the result of a tragic accident when he fell into a well in the village. It reminds us just how precarious life can sometimes be.


Gabriel is now chair of the private schools association in Luwero. An initiative is being promoted to introduce Scripture Union (SU) to as many schools as possible. Friends will also remember that Gabriel is also chair of the Luwero Pastors’ Fellowship. In that capacity he has pastoral oversight of about 600 churches. He was invited recently to a meeting addressed by the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.