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May 2017 Newsletter

Luwero’s schools are currently on holiday for a few weeks in line with national guidelines. Current pupil numbers are slightly less than in the term before Christmas 2016. Last term 428 children attended the primary school and just over 200 enrolled in the secondary school. The reason for the drop in the school roles is the direct result of poor harvests last year and the subsequent inability of parents to pay school fees. A lack of rain has been the main cause for poor crop yields. Plagues of caterpillars are also affecting maize crops across the country despite using chemical spray treatments which have not been effective. It is hoped that the next harvest will be more fruitful. Since our last newsletter Gabriel has been authorised to purchase a water bowser, capable of being towed by the tractor, which will allow some irrigation of crops and make it easier to transport water across the compound from the well.

The 2017 pastor and church leader’s conference will take place from 15th to 19th May. The subject is ‘Leadership’ and includes leadership training as well as teaching on a range of topics on leadership issues. A team of three Scottish church leaders will travel to Uganda to speak at the conference. Delegates from across Uganda and neighbouring Kenya will attend.


Conference 2016

In parallel with the conference a children’s club will run each day. The team for running the club includes both Scottish and Ugandan leaders. The theme for the children’s club is ‘Jesus, the light of the world’. Adjacent is a picture of children visiting the pastor’s conference last year to present a short programme of singing, acting and dancing to the pastors.

On Saturday 20th May the new church building will be officially opened and the full Scottish team will be in attendance. It will indeed be a day of celebration.

Numerous groups are planning visits to Uganda from both the UK and Germany this summer. Anyone wishing to take a group, or visit Luwero should contact the office to avoid too many visitors at the same time. As noted previously provisional plans are being made for Gabriel to visit the UK this autumn. His anticipated visit will take place between the end of October and mid-December. Some friends have contacted the office and their interest in Gabriel visiting them has been noted. If you would like Gabriel to visit your area please let us know as soon as possible either by email ([email protected]) or telephone (01417767316) so that your interest can be noted.