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February 2017 Newsletter

The new academic year in Uganda began on Monday 6th February when primary and secondary school pupils returned to school.

The results of P7 and S4 children who sat 2016 end of year exams were encouraging. 37 out of 38 P7 pupils passed their exams with 1st or 2nd grades. Similar results were obtained by S4 pupils. Results of pupils sitting S6 exams are still awaited. It is likely, depending upon their results that at least one and possibly two sponsored pupils will go on to study at university. We are grateful to all sponsors who stand by their sponsored children at Luwero. Four new primary school teachers and one new secondary school teacher have joined the staff at Luwero to replace those who left at the end of 2016. Recruiting and retaining staff in rural schools is always challenging since many teachers are attracted to Kampala where salaries and conditions are better. Children are seen boarding the school bus in the adjacent picture.

Children boarding the bus for the new academic year

We thank the many friends who purchased 2017 Luwero calendars. A total of 285 calendars were sold with all the proceeds going to support the project.

Work completing the new church building continues. Fitting windows and doors is in progress and floors are to be tiled. The new building, albeit in an uncompleted state, has been used for some months and it is hoped to have an official church opening ceremony on Saturday 20th May.

Plans are being formulated for our 2017 pastor and church leader’s conference. The conference will take place from 15th to 19th May. The subject chosen by local leaders is ‘Leadership’ and will include leadership training as well as a range of leadership issues. It is hoped that a team of three Scottish church leaders will travel to Uganda to speak at the conference. In parallel with the conference a children’s club will run each day. The team for running the club will comprise both Scottish and Ugandan leaders. The theme for the children’s club is ‘Jesus, the light of the world’.

Building the new secondary school dormitory block will commence soon. Whilst plans are being formulated and planning permission sought, ground will be cleared to enable work to commence.

Rain is desperately needed in Uganda. A long period of drought has meant the ground is hard which delays construction work below ground, is difficult for growing crops and affects commodity prices which distorts the economy. The well at the secondary school has a plentiful supply of water enabling two large underground water storage tanks with a total capacity of 80,000 litres to be kept full. We are investigating the possibility of purchasing a water bowser to provide water to assist the growing of crops.

Gabriel, Deborah and Priscilla are all well. Provisional plans are being made for Gabriel to visit the UK this autumn. His anticipated visit will take place between the end of October and mid-December. If you would like Gabriel to visit your area please let us know as soon as possible either by email ([email protected]) or telephone (01417767316) so that your interest can be noted.